Explore Andor Keves' Glamour and People Collection: Unleashing Ethical Elegance for AI and ML Advancements

Total images : 20,493
Type : organic
Category : Artists Spotlight
Resolution : Above 4K
Storage size : Up to 187 Gb
File format : JPEG

Discover a curated world of human emotions and refined style in the Glamour and People Collection by Andor Keves. This dataset, lensed by the renowned photographer Andor Keves, encapsulates the essence of elegance and individuality.

Andor Keves' masterful collection weaves a tapestry of sophistication and emotional depth, from graceful portraits to dynamic group compositions.

Explore the captivating work of Andor Keves, a visionary artist whose expertise elevates each frame with authenticity and passion.

Elegance Redefined: Radiate sophistication with images capturing the grace and poise of diverse subjects.

Emotional Resonance: Navigate human emotions expertly, providing images that forge genuine connections with viewers.

Versatility Unleashed: From fashion allure to candid moments, this dataset offers diverse visuals for creative projects.

Licensed images ensure ethical and legal usage, making the Glamour and People Collection Andor Keves an invaluable resource for AI and ML applications seeking ethically sourced, high-quality training data.

Environment: Controlled outdoor and studio conditions

Angle: Random

Augmentation: None

AR: Various


This dataset contains a tolerance margin of 5% to 10% of associated images which might not reflect 100% accuracy in the metadata or image. All metadata in this dataset has been created manually and might contain a low margin of error. The maximum resolution of each image might vary.

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