02 October 2023

10 AI use cases for face datasets

Generating synthetic humans and age verification apps are just two ways AI can be utilized to create, identify, assess or monitor humans. Training these models requires high numbers of images of people. Face datasets can be built from large image collections such as the Complete People Dataset.

14 March 2023

7 Steps to preparing your image collection for machine learning datasets

While a nascent industry emerges on the back of artificial intelligence, a new opportunity exists for content owners to deliver their material to train AI. Preparing datasets for machine learning has its quirks and this article provides a step-by-step guide to selling your content as datasets.

13 March 2023

Why GDPR and BIPA compliance matters with commercial AI models

Strict regulations exist in key global territories that impact the way personal information can be utilized for AI training. This article explains what law exists, the potential risks and how you can avoid risk when buying and using datasets.

29 August 2022

How to use the Dataset Shop

The main purpose of the Dataset Shop is to provide legally-clean datasets to machine-learning developers, data scientists and AI researchers. This article will explain how the datasets have been created and how to use this site.

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