Legal advantages

Ethically clean

Professionally sourced data We respect copyright of creators and personal rights of models.

Legally clean

Peace of mind License agreements and model releases provide guaranteed legal safety.

GDPR and PII compliant

Remove privacy risk Our biometric model releases comply with European and United States privacy laws.


Clarity for commercial use Datasets are either fully owned by vAIsual Inc, or sold on behalf of contributing partners.

Technical advantages

High resolution

Better quality results 4K standard, with up to 42MP on request for most image datasets.

No bad data

Ready for immediate use Datasets are prepared and pre-processed to remove random, bad and untagged data.

Faster results

Lower cost and speed to market Reduce GPU time by standardized data formats and quality content.

Fully labeled data

Better training with quality tags Standardized tags describing scenes, objects and the people contained in each image.

Latest Datasets

Subjects Datasets

Biometric Video Dataset

Videos: 473
Total duration: 17:42:55
Codec: MP4, MPEG
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Birds In The Wild

Images: 5,798
Resolution: up to 118MP
Learn more

Diverse Biometric Facial Images - Free Sample

Images: 1,001
Resolution: up to 8MP
Learn more

Complete People Dataset

Images: 518,574
Resolution: up to 8MP
Learn more

Human Faces - Original Camera Output - Greenscreen

Images: 42,437
Resolution: up to 8MP
Learn more

Synthetic Humans - Medium Quality

Images: 1,004
Resolution: up to 2MP
Learn more

Human Faces - Squared - Augmented - Greenscreen

Images: 138,509
Resolution: up to 9MP
Learn more

Human Faces - Elderly Only - Augmented Greenscreen

Images: 5,569
Resolution: up to 9MP
Learn more

Human Faces - Smiling - Original

Images: 6,294
Resolution: up to 8MP
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News and Updates

01 May 2023

vAIsual releases the first biometric video datasets for AI training

vAIsual Inc, the company behind the largest visual dataset collection in the world, today launched its first biometric video dataset series. vAIsual, established in 2021, will be licensing its collection of videos filming specially for training machine learning.

13 April 2023

vAIsual and Dragonimages partner to offer Asian images for AI training

vAIsual Inc, the company behind the largest visual dataset collection in the world, today signed a content deal with Vietnam-based Dragonimages. The partnership is a win for increasing diversity and representation in AI output, as well as ensuring copyright owners are compensated for their work.

02 February 2023

vAIsual signs content deal with Seattle-based nature and travel photography agency for AI training

vAIsual Inc, pioneers in legally clean training datasets for AI, today signed a deal with Danita Delimont Stock Photography, a leading provider of nature and travel stock imagery. The deal will mean over 800,000 photographs will be available via the for AI training.

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Vishesh Mistry

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