VAI Kate Stock Model

Checkpoint Type : LoRa
Category : VAI
Format : SD1.5
Version : 0.8
Trigger words : vai-kate
Dataset available : no
Total files : 1
Storage size : Up to 72 Mb
Last Update : 02 Feb 2024

Meet the Virtual Actor Instance of Kate Purt. 

During her thirteen-year career, Kate has worked as a professional model on hundreds of shoots with photographers and filmmakers doing commercial and glamour work.

She amplifies her capacity with this VAI model which can be used for a range of commercial purposes, including the generation of images for marketing, advertising, and glamour.

The LoRA model has been trained on hundreds of high-quality images with full consent and compensation to Kate, and associated photographers. The end user license to use the model is the first Commercial RAIL designed specifically to authorize the controlled use of generative AI that supports the livelihoods of all creators participating in the production of the model.

To generate output our LoRa models can be used in combination with any Stable Diffusion 1.x base model. We do not indemnify the generated content due to the foundation model status.

Commercial License
Non Commercial

Total price: $999

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