vAIsual and partner to offer 9 million commercial stock images and video for AI training

02 August 2023, established in 2019, will be licensing images, illustrations and videos to companies training machine learning algorithms for various applications.

The partnership grows the variety of images available for specific AI training, as well as ensuring copyright owners are compensated for their work.

According to vAIsual CEO, Michael Osterrieder, the deal is an important step in making highly specific datasets to meet the needs of AI developers who are doing it ethically and responsibly.

“AI models are 100% dependent on quality data. The more data, the better. This deal ensures we are able to compile large datasets of images to meet very exact purposes for customers. For example, airports needing luggage datasets, hospitals needing images of adults carrying infants, or propane gas tanks in the workplace for safety monitoring AI.” says Osterrieder.

For, the deal represents a chance to participate in the rapidly growing text-to-image generation industry, and another revenue channel to pursue for their contributors.

“At Wirestock, we've always believed that the creators behind our millions of images and videos should be fairly compensated for their work. Partnering with vAIsual not only provides a fresh and promising way for our contributors to monetize their content, but it also helps propel the AI industry forward.” says Mikayel Khachatryan, CEO at

In the coming weeks, datasets will be custom-made from the library of commercial stock images and video. The datasets are specially prepared for engineers to add to their workflow for AI training and are available via the Dataset Shop.

About Dataset Shop

First launched in 2022 by the “clean data guys”, vAIsual Inc’s Dataset Shop is a marketplace for visual media designed specifically for AI training purposes.

The online store initially sold the largest biometrically released human dataset, consisting of over 600,000 high quality images, custom shot for AI training.

The Dataset Shop is rapidly growing the collection of datasets through partnerships with stock agencies seeking to address the issue of widespread scraping of datasets, obtained without the consent of copyright owners.

About is an online stock site that allows its contributors to upload assets in the form of images, videos and vector files to their platform for distribution across multiple stock agencies. is a platform that allows photographers and creators to distribute and license their visual content, such as photographs and videos, to various stock photo agencies and marketplaces. By using, photographers can streamline their content submission process to multiple agencies, which can potentially increase their exposure and revenue from their work.

The platform acts as an intermediary between creators and stock agencies, simplifying the process of submitting content to multiple agencies, managing licenses, and tracking earnings. aims to provide photographers with a centralized platform to efficiently manage their stock photography portfolios.

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