vAIsual Selected for Google for Startups Cloud Program

20 March 2024

vAIsual, an innovative generative AI startup that provides legally clean AI-driven generative AI solutions for content creators, is delighted to announce its acceptance into the Google for Startups Cloud Program. As a chosen participant, vAIsual will benefit from a myriad of perks from Google, such as Google Cloud credits valued at $350,000 for AI startups, abundant networking and co-marketing opportunities within the Google Cloud Startup Community, dedicated business and technical support, access to Google-wide service offerings, and much more.

Google for Startups Cloud Program (via Master Concept)Google for Startups Cloud Program (via Master Concept)

Originating in 2021, vAIsual is redefining how creative industries can use generative AI safely and responsibly. Its human biometric datasets enable machine learning teams to access high-quality data, with full biometric releases from the subjects and optimized for training with tagging and image preparation specifically for AI training. 

vAIsual utilized their dataset to train a 100% legally clean AI model called PeopleMaker, which has been live in the Canva app ecosystem since the start of the year

Having raised a successful seed round, vAIsual’s technology has already offered thousands of people the ability to create synthetic humans using AI, in a risk-free and ethically sound way.

“2023 has been transformative for vAIsual. As our AI-driven travel solutions gain traction and admiration from travel enthusiasts and tech experts alike, joining the Google for Startups Cloud Program is a monumental leap. This affiliation not only amplifies our technological prowess but also places us on a global platform. We’re eagerly anticipating the new doors this partnership will open, from refining our AI to establishing further collaborations,” expressed Michael Osterrieder, co-founder and CEO of vAIsual.

“As professionals in the stock media business, we knew it was critical to ensure all rights for generative usages are clearly documented and there is no doubt who owns what and who gets paid,” says vAIsual CEO, Michael Osterrieder.

About vAIsual

Founded by Michael Osterrieder, Nicolas Menijes, Mark Milstein and Istvan Novak, vAIsual pioneered the first images of synthetic humans for the stock industry, and later launched the DatasetShop; the world’s first and largest marketplace for legally licensable biometric and non-biometric data for the generative AI space. 

vAIsual seamlessly oversees the entire AI workflow; encompassing dataset generation and delivery, optimizing training sessions, and the creation of synthetic media via legally clean models and solutions.

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